Sunshine Advanced - Mix - 3cu/ft Compressed Bale

Sunshine Advanced - Mix - 3cu/ft Compressed Bale

Sunshine Advanced
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Formulated with earth-friendly ingredients to retain moisture, provide improved root aeration and drainage, and develop strong, healthy root systems for maximum stem, flower and foliage growth. Peat moss and coconut fiber retain water and nutrients for optimal plant growth, combined with increased perlite to provide excellent drainage. The organic nutrient package provides a supplemental charge after three to four weeks and the endomycorrhizal blend enhances the ability of plants to access the nutrients in the root zone.

Balanced: proper pH range to improve nutrient availability

Water Works: organic wetting agent to help soil absorb water quickly and easily

Bio-Active: multiple strains of mycorhizzae for optimum root colonization, improved nutrient and water uptake, better resistance to stress and disease

No-Burning: inert formula accommodates custom feeding practices with no conflicting nutrients or burn risk

Peat Moss: "nature's sponge" holds up to 30 times its weight in water, keeping it readily available for plant uptake

Coconut Coir: a natural water-holding ingredient providing on-demand moisture

Perlite: maintains air space for optimum root growth

Superior Value: Eco-compressed bales fluff to about twice the labeled volume (1 cu ft bale provides about 2 cu ft of usable soil)


Manufacturer Sungro