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FoxFarm - Open Sesame

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OPEN SESAME (5-45-19) Here's the fertilizer you've been waiting for.

Open Sesame - Early Ripening Horsepower

- Triggers early flowering sequence

- Produces massive fruit and flower sets

- Delivers full spectrum micronutrients

FoxFarms new early flowering formula, Open Sesame, is a high-phosphorus soluble fertilizer that's designed to bring plants into bloom at your command. Just say the magic words!

When does it bloom? You decide.

Open Sesame delivers a specific micronutrient pack at just the right moment. Feed with Open Sesame starting at about the fifth or sixth week of a plant's life. It takes just a couple of weeks of Open Sesame to get stocky, strudy, compact, high-producing plants and buds that are ready to burst.

Grow Easy on Yourself.

FoxFarm has formulated Open Sesame to provide the optimal level of nutrition with minimal salts and other residue buildups. In fact, FoxFarms whole family of solubles was crafted using the highest quality ingredients. Whether you're growing in hydroponic systems or gardening in ordinary soil, Open Sesame will go right to work at the root zone and deliver targeted nutrients when the plants need them the most.

Meet the rest of the family.

FoxFarm designed Open Sesame to work together with other FoxFarm plant foods as part of a sequential feeding schedule for hydroponic and conventianal gardeners. Using FoxFarm extra strength products on your plants is like putting them on an Olympic training diet- you need optimim nutrition that supports muscle mass, bone density, and endurance. So check out Beastie Bloomz ( 0-50-30 ) and Cha Ching ( 9-50-10 ), the other solubles in their trio of high-octane fertilizers, and see for yourself the advantage of a feeding schedule that maximizes performance.



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