FoxFarm - Beastie Bloomz

FoxFarm - Beastie Bloomz

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BEASTIE BLOOMZ (0-50-30) This is not your grandmother's flower food.

Beastie Bloomz - Heavyweight Blossom Builder

- Fortifies the inside of flower buds

- Increases weight of blooms and fruit sets

- Customized micronutrient package

Join the high-tech revolution.

FoxFarm designed Beastie Bloomz for gardeners who are ready to take their plants to the next level. This is a high-phosphorous soluble fertilizer that's geared towards building awesome buds and enormous blossoms.

It all Starts with a bud.

The techs in FoxFarms laboratory rave about the "internal Flower density" of plants grown with Beastie Bloomz. That's just a fancy way of saying that Beastie Bloomz micronutrient pack goes to work creating fat, dense, tightly-packed buds, and plenty of them.

Wait 'till you see them bloom.

In the FoxFarm trial garden, you can spot a Beastie bloom a mile away. It's not just the size, although Beastie Bloomz will produce some over-the-top, enormous blooms. It's also the exceptionally brilliant color and long life of Beastie blooms that amazes us. Just wait until you begin to see buds forming, and give 'em a shot of Beastie for a week or two. That's all it takes.

Meet the rest of the family.

FoxFarm designed Beastie Bloomz to work together with other FoxFarm plant foods as part of a sequential feeding schedule for hydroponic and conventional gardeners. Using FoxFarms extra strength products on your plants is like putting them on an Olympic training diet - you need optimum nutrition that supports muscle mass, bone density, and endurance. So check out Open Sesame ( 5-45-19 ) and Cha Ching ( 9-50-10 ), the other solubles in their trio of high-octane fertilizers, and see for yourself the advantage of a feeding schedule that maximizes performance.



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